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About us


This young Moscow-based design duo, Eugene Glagolev and Tim Ibragimov, return this year with more startlingly original creations, with subtle and deeply emotive echoes of Russia’s rich jewelled past. They began by designing jewels for Russian brands before developing their own ideas and style, and launching their own collection, named for the 1939 classic film Ninotchka and its star, Greta Garbo. They are both avid and knowledgeable students of jewellery history, and while their jewels are conjured around Russian gems, very often antique stones, including demantoid garnets, Siberian amethysts, and nephrite, their style exudes an exciting, contemporary sophistication. Most of all, however, Ninotchka jewels are about storytelling, weaving narratives rich in Russian romance, fable,

folklore and touched with the poignancy

of Imperial splendour.


Vivienne Becker

Jewelry writer, historian, journalist, contributing Editor Financial Times

How to Spend it Magazine

GemGeneve’s “Designer Vivarium” Curator

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